profileLuísa Amorim

Luísa Amorim

Luísa Amorim first got to know the Douro when she was 24 years old. She felt that this remote land was difficult to access. She returned three years later, when the Amorim family acquired Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carmo, but only for a short visit.

Prior to becoming general director of Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carmo, in 2006, she was the marketing director, starting in the year 2000, of J.W. Burmester, the historic Port wine company which belonged to the Amorim group for a number of years. Initially, her school of wine was in the wine cellars of J.W. Burmester in Vila Nova de Gaia. She learned about the Port wine sector and the concept of a "house style"; work that has to be done every day with a respect for the tradition and the raw material.

Her passion for wine has much do with her love of nature. When one is engaged in the cheap uk replica watches business of wine or another type of work with nature, with cork for example – as the Amorim family has been for so long – there is a feeling of oneness with the land, living every harvest.

With an educational background and a career oriented toward the hotel industry, marketing and management, she is equally motivated by her interest in enology, the challenge of having different wines, of exploring new avenues and, at the same time, of preserving the identity and style of a big name in the business. It is this creativity, with an attention to quality and detail, that is the guiding principle when finishing each batch of Quinta Nova wines.

Determined and enterprising, Luísa Amorim knows that exploring diversity means growth. In wine, Portugal has quite a variety to offer, including the original and exotic types that the consumer appreciates. At the start, Quinta Nova looked for markets and sold wine in a climate without strong promotion or notoriety of Portuguese wine.

As the mother of two children, Luísa Amorim always puts her family first. Apart from her other cheap replica watches for men business engagements, she also tries to dedicate time to social causes. Luisa is the founder of the Bagos D’Ouro Association, a non-profit organization that promotes educational opportunities for disadvantaged youth in the Douro region.